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Are you looking for a tailor made leadership development program for your organisation? Is your business struggling with the incredibly fast paced, constantly changing environment that you operate in? Is there a need for cultural change in your organisational department?
We will have a solution for you. 

The Leaders Institute of South Australia is the State’s premier leadership development organisation, renowned for its unique flagship program – the Governor’s Leadership Foundation – and its growing suite of public and tailored in-house programs for the development of established and emerging leaders. 

We stand out from the mainstream because of our unique approach. We focus on, and are highly experienced in, building and enhancing adaptive leadership capacity - the practice of mobilising people to tackle tough challenges and thrive.

The development of skills in recognising and responding to adaptive challenges requires a growth in the capacity for abstraction and strategic foresight, for coping with complexity, being able to integrate multiple perspectives and systems, challenge existing ways of thinking, taking a long-range perspective and a willingness to experiment. The development of such skills is the major focus of most of our programs and our consulting services.

We have developed and tested a range of short in-house leadership development programs. We can support your executives with high quality leadership coaching. We can provide you with a proposal for leadership development tailored exclusively to your organisation's needs. Please contact us to discuss your needs and find out more about our leadership solutions. 

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    Our Consulting Projects and Services

    Read more about our Consulting Services to find out how we could help you. Get inspired by examples of the consulting projects we have successfully developed and delivered for some of our clients.

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    In-House Short Programs

    Successfully offered publicly over the last years our Short Programs are currently only available in-house and can be tailored to your needs. 

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    Leadership Coaching

    Are you looking for high quality coaching services for your leadership team? We only work with very experienced coaches who we know can provide a space of possibilities for your valued team of leaders.

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