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Leadership Masterclasses

We are starting a series of Masterclasses focusing on inspiring you and helping to develop and enhance the skills, knowledge and confidence required to be a successful leader. Our first Masterclasses are:

Managing challenging personalities at work

Learn to understand difficult personality traits and behaviours and individual emotional reactions to challenging behaviours. Managers are given skills to deal with difficult employee behaviours that meet legal, ethical and professional obligations.

Content includes discussion of best-practice performance management principles and includes coaching skills, self-audit and identification of areas of development and goal setting.


- understand personality disorders
- understand the difference between annoying and disordered behaviour
- implement improved communication, performance management and coaching skills
- develop a management plan for individuals displaying problematic personality traits
- have a personal plan on how to implement these new skills in your leadership role

Facilitator: Samantha Young

Networking for Introverts

Do your try and avoid speaking at meetings? Do you feel stressed going to networking events or meeting new people? This Masterclass is for you.


• how to build your personal brand
• what is presence and how do you get it
• how to apply the 5Ps of marketing to promote your brand
• how to build your 'confidence fitness'
• meeting and greet made easy
• how to increase your visibility, online, in person and in print
• the three levels of networking

Facilitator: Sharon Ferrier

Leading presentations – engaging through corporate story telling

Leaders need to be able to connect people with their vision, they need to be able to make people care. Stories help you achieve this. For decades these important life skills have been called ‘soft skills’, where they should be called ‘essential skills.’


• How to increase engagement with people through your presentations
• Three levels of presenting
    - The Grab
    - The Pitch
    - The Presentation
• Three story telling models and how you can apply them in your presentations
• Why ‘telling is not selling’
• How stories engage us emotionally and bring facts and figures to life
• How to weave in your own personal stories to increase your credibility
• What makes a good corporate story and where to find them

Facilitator: Sharon Ferrier

To let us know what other Masterclasses you’d like to see, please contact us at the Leaders Institute.


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