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Accessing Creativity Program


Business leaders are operating in environments of significant change where problems are increasingly complex, the tempo faster, the markets more volatile, and the consequences of making a mistake are greater. Today's business leaders need to become more innovative, entrepreneurial and agile in responding to real-time business and market feedback.

A number of generative innovation approaches for navigating accelerating workplace complexity are emerging – strategic foresight, design thinking, generative narrative, collaborative creativity, ‘agile’, and rapid prototyping, just to name a few.

Here Is What Our Previous Participants Say About The Program:

"Eye opening and jaw dropping to see what is possible when people create together to a common goal."


"People might not see themselves as creative or innovative but this program dispels that myth by showcasing some tools for generation of ideas." 

Debra Smith, Performance Coach, Claims, CGU Insurance

"Accessing Creativity is a great way to unlock a new set of skills and mindset to solve problems with co-created barrier pushing solutions."

Joe Noone, State Library of South Australia

"The biggest barrier to creativity is yourself. The program aided in identifying why good ideas rarely make it and how you as a leader can change that." 

Shaun Kennedy, General Manager Planning , Strategy & Compliance, City of Playford

Accessing Creativity Program


The Leaders Institute of South Australia are excited to launch a new program utilising gamification processes and leading-edge applied innovation tools to address real-world challenges. Join other strategic leaders for a day of creative thinking and applied innovation focused on assisting a client organisation solve a current and real-world problem. Access your personal creativity as you experientially learn and increase your capacity to innovate. Learn how to tackle your own, or your organisation’s leadership challenges. You will use a new approach to rapid cycle idea generation and experience the strategy development game, CreativityPRISM

Program Outcomes

Access your personal creativity as you experientially learn and increase your capacity to innovate. Learn how to tackle your own, or your organisation’s leadership challenges.

  • Learn five foundational types of workplace creativity and group idea generation.
  • Engage with a range of novel and non-linear approaches to innovation and rapid strategy development.
  • Embed learning through collaboration with other strategic leaders to identify a series of strategic innovation initiatives that will positively impact an organisation serving our community.

    Upon registering, participants will be provided with a Client Brief from the client organisation detailing the organisation’s current and real-world problem. Participants utilise the Client Brief to prepare for their participation in the Applied Innovation Workshop. In addition to the workshop’s pre-work, selected readings will be provided.

Program Facilitator

Dr Richard Harmer

Richard has partnered with leading Australian and multi-national organisations across a range of industries; as well as government, not-for-profit, and community organisations – with a core focus on developing the systemic thinking and adaptive leadership skills required of leaders navigating accelerating life, work and organisational complexity.

Currently, Richard’s work focuses on expanding the evolutionary leadership capacity of senior leaders in organisations and enabling them to evolve the mindsets and behaviours of the people they lead to become more engaged, productive and fulfilled.

Richard has worked with the Leaders Institute for the last four years on programs focussing on appreciative inquiry, coaching, emotional intelligence, stories for adaptive change and has successfully facilitated two Think Tanks and acted as co-facilitator for our flagship program the Governor’s Leadership Foundation program.

Interested in Accessing Creativity?

If you are interested in this Program and require more information, please contact us. This program is currently not being offered publicly, but can be delivered in-house on request.

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