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The Coaching Leader

coaching leader

Today’s leaders are expected to demonstrate high levels of self-awareness; be able to develop the capabilities of their staff; and be able to effectively guide and motivate others towards identified goals. To do this today’s leaders need to take a coaching approach. But what do coaching leaders do differently? Increasingly, the role of a coaching leader is to create ‘spaces of possibility’ for those they lead; a space where traditional authority, expectations and day-to-day activity is paused. A space that allows the exploration of life’s many successes and challenges in ways that encourage greater effectiveness.

The Coaching Leader


Coaching is often misunderstood as a development process. Although comparisons with coaching in a sporting context are relevant insofar as high-performing sportspeople rarely reach their potential without a coach, the similarities stop there.

Coaching in the work context, while widely recognised as a crucial leadership practice enabling people to develop skills and attitudes to enhance their performance and productivity, is quite a different approach.

This half-day coaching workshop is designed to introduce coaching as a development process.  It will provide opportunities for participants to clarify what coaching is, how to coach and to practice coaching and being coached to understand how it works.

Program Outcomes

A balance of information, self-discovery and practice will enable participants to:

  • Understand what coaching is and is not
  • Understand how coaching differs from other roles
  • Appreciate the skills and attributes of an effective coach
  • Learn how coaching empowers people
  • Practice a coaching conversation
  • Practice giving and receiving feedback
Program Facilitator

Kay Hannaford

Kay is an executive coach and mentor, challenging and supporting her clients to believe in themselves, to think creatively and to act with integrity and clear intentions to achieve their desired results.

She has thirty years’ experience in a wide range of corporate settings from the public sector to developing and managing her own businesses, being a senior executive in an international company and a Director on a number of boards.

With a background in education, media and communication, Kay now has more than 10,000 hours of coaching experience, and runs her own business ‘Thank God It’s Monday’ mentoring and coaching leaders in a wide range of professions and industries here, interstate and internationally. She coaches individuals, groups and teams, where her role is to facilitate the flow of dialogue and ensure everyone in the team has a voice.

Kay also chairs two Edge groups of CEO’s, who meet regularly for peer mentoring, on behalf of the Leaders Institute of South Australia. 


Interested in the Coaching Leader?

If you are interested in this Program and require more information, please contact us. This program is currently not being offered publicly, but can be delivered in-house on request.

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