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Social Impact

Social Impact

The Leaders Institute of South Australia provides avenues for program participants and graduates to make a social impact and contribute to our State. We recognise that developing wiser leadership for South Australia is about building better citizens, who actively contribute to the well-being of the communities for which they are a part – workplace, family and society. Inevitably the society we live and work in is the one that we create, and South Australia’s leaders in business, government and not-for-profit organisations have a critical role in shaping this community.

Our flagship program, the Governor's Leadership Foundation (GLF) program, exposes our participants to the important economic, social, environmental and cultural issues that are impacting us today and will shape our future. This is designed to help develop participants' strategic foresight capacity as well as a strong motivation to get involved in issues that will impact us all. All GLF participants undertake a Community Action Project which provides a platform for them to engage with our community and creatively explore and implement meaningful and improved strategies. All GLF graduates have the opportunity to further contribute to the South Australian community through on of our Think Tanks

Extraordinary social impact is often driven by our graduates as a direct result of their program involvement. Some of these have been recognised through our celebrated Dennis Mutton Medal for outstanding community involvement.

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