Leading Edge Program

Get a leading edge with group mentoring

Program starting 7 April 2021

Leading Edge Program

Do you have a complex real-world challenge to tackle?

Bring your real-world challenge to monthly peer group sessions in The Leading Edge Group Mentoring Program and be supported while you put leadership theory into action to tackle your challenge. 

In this powerful short leadership development program, you will have the unique opportunity to test workplace problems, ideas and curiosities in a safe and confidential space, with structured monthly sessions facilitated by experienced leadership development experts. 

The facilitators encourage the group to explore systems, ask different questions, take multiple perspectives and apply new skills to their challenges. You will be able to impact someone else’s leadership development while elevating your own. 

Later sessions in the program are used to report back and reflect on the effectiveness of the action taken, and to allow for review and modification. As a result, participants emerge with a broader and more strategic perspective, with leadership tools they can apply in daily life.

Neil Chappell
The Leading Edge program is one that I would recommend to anyone in a leadership position in South Australia.
–Neil Chappell, Regional Director, ZF Group
Leading Edge Program

Is The Leading Edge Mentoring Program right for you?

The Leading Edge Mentoring Program is designed for leaders of all levels and across all industries and government who have a specific challenge or challenges that they need to manage.

How will you learn?

The program disrupts thinking and practice by mixing a diverse group of managers and leaders from different backgrounds. This diversity creates robust interactions that enable new perspectives to emerge. 

With the help of our experienced facilitators, you will develop confidence in putting new theories into practice. As well as helping you to find solutions for your current workplace challenges, the program will help you to develop new ways of thinking and leading that will enable you to take on future challenges.

How do I book?

Please complete the booking form for the upcoming Leading Edge Program.

Leading Edge Program

How will you develop?

The content of each program is structured to the needs of the group, and will usually include discussions and advice on:

  • identifying change triggers
  • tools and frameworks to help you lead in complex times
  • overcoming obstacles that stand in the way of taking action
  • organisational culture and how this affects readiness to change
  • navigating change through collaboration
  • keeping yourself safe in leading change. 

The program also includes a personality/preferences assessment so you better understand your leadership style.

Leading Edge Program program details


The Leaders Institute of South Australia engages highly effective facilitators with wide-ranging experience in creating and delivering leadership development programs, leadership training and courses.


The program involves six, 3-hour sessions. Each session takes place every 3 weeks.
In-between sessions, you will work on applying the knowledge and tools you have gained to your real-world challenge, bringing new information back to each session.


$3,200 + GST. Payment plans are available.


The next Leading Edge is scheduled to start on Wednesday, 7 April, 2021.
Sessions will be 7 April, 28 April, 19 May, 1 Jun, 30 June and 21 July.


To book into the Leading Edge Program, please complete the booking form.

How do I book?

Please complete the booking form for the upcoming Leading Edge Program.