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2018 GLFer Andrew McPhail with Down Syndrome panellists Terry Chryssochoos, James White and Hannah Mexted and CEO Maureen Lawlor (FGLF 2017)
2018 GLF: social cohesion from different lenses

The latest Governor’s Leadership Foundation Session saw participants immersed in the topic of social cohesion and building community from different perspectives including the lenses of disability, ageing and migrants and refugees.

Participants heard from a panel of Minda customers as well as a “You can’t ask that” session with panellists from Down Syndrome SA’s public speaking program where the tables were also turned with GLFers being asked lots of questions by the panellists. Presentations included one by Kate Rush (FGLF 2009), Head of Disability and Mental Health at AnglicareSA on “Is society inclusive of people with disabilities, what difference will the NDIS make and what leadership needs to occur from the sector and from others”. Kerry Jones (FGLF 2010), Principal on Ageing and Disability and Partnerships at The Australia Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) inspired new thinking on housing options for older people so it is designed to increase social connectedness, promote wellbeing and adapt as people age.

A highlight of the three days was attending The Welcome Centre established by Brad Chilcott (FGLF 2012) as part of a “Welcome to Australia” movement that now has ongoing projects in four States and become an influential national movement with more than 80 celebrity and high-profile Australian ambassadors (from The Wiggles to professional sports starts, television identities and cross-party political leaders), social media impact and an annual “Walk Together” involving thousands of people across Australia. The day also included hearing the stories of refugees and migrants undertaking the Centre’s Intercultural Futures Fellowship and sharing lunch where everyone brought a plate of food which represented their cultural heritage. We also delved deep with Shadow Work and peer coaching.

Event photos
FGLF 2012 Brad Chilcott, The Welcome Centre
Event photos
Shared meal at The Welcome Centre.
Know anyone who should do the GLF?

We are looking for a diverse mix of people to be part of the 2019 GLF - learning more about themselves and broadening their horizons so that they can become wiser leaders.

Scholarships are available including for those working in the arts and youth-at-risk (from the James and Diana Ramsay Foundation), the not-for-profit sector (from cbb), the disability sector and for people with a disability (REDARC and SA Govt’s Office for the Public Sector). We also have some scholarships for Aboriginals (SA Govt’s Office for the Public Sector and private donors) and general scholarships (private donors and Return to Work SA). Click here for the GLF page and list of scholarships. If you would like to fund or part-fund a scholarship please contact CEO Cathie Brown.

Two more information sessions are on August 15, 12 to 1.30pm at sponsor Statewide Super and August 27, 5 to 7.30pm at CPA. Thanks to the alumni who shared their thoughts at our last information session at EY: Matt Salisbury, Sue Mitchell, Gordan Lesicar, Michelle Peterson and Lesley Marchioro. Please encourage suitable friends and colleagues to explore the program.
Event photos
L to R: host EY's Managing Partner Mark Phelps and Leader's CEO Cathie Brown
Event photos
FGLF 2008 Gordan Lesicar with potential participants
Event photos
FGLF 2014 Michelle Peterson and potential participant Lousie Norman
Event photos
Susan Jackson-Wood (FGLF 13) with potential participants
Leaders Institute SA
Leadership Thinking
Leading in re-inventing foster care 
In a time of rising numbers of children being removed from their homes, a new way of foster care developed by The Australia Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) is working to return children home. Called a “movement of families helping other families to thrive”, the concept of co-parenthood has been developed with families and informed by evidence. Watch the inspiring video here.
Leaders Institute SA
Banishing imposter syndrome and other good advice
Author of Dear Madam President and former Communications Director to President Obama and Hilary Clinton Jennifer Palmieri recently shared 5 pieces of advice that were aimed at young women starting their careers but are useful to all. Advice such as “People take their cue from you. Know at your core that you have value and show that to the world. If you act like you belong in the meeting, people will think you do. If you believe your views matters, people will see that they do.”
Is charisma more useful than skills in leadership?
A recent ABC podcast points to research that says most workers would rather be led by a charmer rather than 'just' a hard worker. It also questions if we are aware that despite the talk, charismatic people doesn't always deliver. But we know facts and reasoning don’t often move people so is the X factor underrated in leadership thinking and can we teach it?
Leaders Institute of SA
Compassion vs empathy and the neuroscience of leadership

A discussion on leadership with experts including co-author of The Mind of the Leader Rasmus Hougaard explores many aspects of leadership including the need for a self-aware leader and the neuroplasticity of the brain which enable us to learn to be better.

“Our brain is changing constantly depending on how we use it … for every moment that we pay attention, that we are present with others, our brain is rewiring and making itself a more present, a more attentive, a more focused brain. For every time that we do something that is selfless, our brain is rewiring for selflessness to be our default behaviour, and the same with compassion. So yes, they can definitely be trained, and that's the good news,” Rasmus says.

“I think that our society is sorely lacking compassion, especially in leadership roles where it's of critical importance.”

Read the transcript from Radio National’s All in the Mind program here.
NFP program success

The Leaders Institute recently ran a tailored program for the Charity Collective which has proved to be very successful in giving not-for-profit leaders the confidence and tools to lead more effectively.

“The program has stretched, challenged and molded me in a range of ways that I never expected. I now possess insights into myself and valuable knowledge regarding progressive leadership approaches that will stay in me for years to come.” Jodi Farley, Cure4CF

“Without doubt this is the best leadership program I have been involved in. I have gained great insight into myself while being supported with new knowledge, skills and tools. I feel so much better equipped to move forward as an effective leader.” Cathy Murphy, Executive Director, Mary Potter Foundation

Pictured below: Tania Potts, Suzy Dimaline, Jodi Farley and Cathy Murphy with Institute staff Cathie Brown and Susan Jackson-Wood (FGLF 13)
Leaders Institute of SA
GLF alumni in focus - Simon Sherriff

Simon Sherriff says completing the GLF in 2015 was life changing for him from both a work and home perspective and led him to re-connect with his rural upbringing and eventually a change in role to Manager Strategic Projects at Light Regional Council. “It is a work culture and geography where I feel right at home and empowered to explore exciting opportunities with regional partners. One of my projects is the delivery of the new Freeling Agricultural Multi-Purpose Centre, which has been a great introduction to working side-by-side with local residents and businesses to deliver a once-in-a-generation $5M investment in a small country town,” he said.

“While in the Western Barossa, I get to indulge my love of wine, food and cycling by partnering with the Seppeltsfield Road Business Alliance to implement a high-end shared path from Tanunda to Greenock. And then there are the strategic long-game roles I will be playing, like in the Roseworthy Township Expansion (4000 new homes in 10-15 years).”

Simon said that the one down-side of his new role is not being able to meet as often with his GLF2015 cohort. So Simon has established a Barossa RDA GLF network which is meeting over coffee shortly. For more info check out the GLF Alumni Facebook Page and join up whilst you’re there.

Pictured below: The Steering Committee and Project Team Leads for the Freeling Agricultural Multi-Purpose Centre gather on site to mark commencement of construction, with Simon second from the right.
Leaders Institute of SA
Leaders Institute of SA
GLF Alumni news
FGLF 2017 Matt Salisbury, head of engineering firm WSP has been promoting flexible work for all. “Flexible work options should be available for everyone, both men and women, from junior right up to senior. Reasons for flexible work differ so the ability to use it should be seen as the norm rather than the exception … the benefits are well-documented and far-reaching.” Matt is also a member of the Chiefs for Gender Equity group. Read the full article here.
Leaders Institute of SA
FGLF 2009 Kylie Walsh is seeking support in her quest to raise a minimum of $4,000 for the Breast Cancer Network Australia during a Trek. Kylie says that the Leaders Institute and its alumni were such great support for her when she was going through her breast cancer journey in recent years, she is seeking your support in her quest to raise funds and awareness for the network. Her trek with the Network will be for 10 days through the Tuscan Hills. Click here for details.
Leaders Institute of SA
FGLF 2015 and former CEO of Athletics SA Adam Bishop has been promoted to the General Manager - Participation and Community Strategy at Athletics Australia. Adam is also on the board of SA disability services organisation, Community Living Options.

Let us know if you have recently been in the media or taken on a new leadership position so we can include your news in our next edition.
Post nominals for GLF graduates

Don’t forget to fly the flag and show others (especially other graduates) you are a graduate of the Governor’s Leadership Foundation by using the letters FGLF after your name on email signatures and business cards etc.
Leaders Institute of SA
GLF birthday celebrations
The GLF is turning 20 next year and we plan to celebrate in style. 2001 Fellow Ruth Carter has already expressed interest in being involved. If you’d like to help please register here.
Upcoming events
Friday 10 August 
Hutt St Centre's Walk a Mile in My Boots 

There are nearly 6,000 people experiencing homelessness in South Australia every year. The Leaders Institute of South Australia Team will be helping to raise funds for the Hutt St Centre, run by FGLF 2002 Ian Cox and sponsored by Rossi Boots where key roles are held by FGLF 2016 Myron Mann and FGLF 2017 Jayne-Anne Power. If you would like to join our team or donate please register under Leaders Institute of South Australia, we would love to see you there.
Leaders Institute of SA
Monday 13 August 2018 
Inspiring South Australian Women Impacting the World

The Australia Day Council of South Australia and the Office for Women is showcasing eight inspiring women who will reflect on their personal backgrounds and influences, the driving forces behind their work, and how they believe they are making an impact in the world. Click here for tickets.
Leaders Institute of SA
6 December 2018 – Leaders Institute End of Year Celebration

Our end-of-year celebration and thankyou to our supporters will be on December 6, from 5pm at our offices at UniSA.
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