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The future of work
The latest Governor’s Leadership Foundation Session saw participants get a taste of UniSA’s remarkable Museum of Design MOD – headed up by FGLF 2011 Dr Kristin Alford, an insight into the gig economy as well as an understanding of blockchain, AI, innovation and entrepreneurship at Flinders University’s New Venture Institute at Tonsley.
Quotes heard during the session included:
“Future jobs will involve creative, critical and compassionate thinking”. The nine jobs of the future will include “a vegan butcher” (growing meat without animals), “grief counsellor” (to cope with loss associated with technological change) and an “experience inventor” as people will crave experiences that immerse them in feelings"
Dr Kristin Alford, Futurist, Director UniSA’s Museum of Discovery, FGLF 2011

“Cars are idle 96% of the time”
Lachlan Cooper, Uber State Manager

“The innovation cycle decreases by half each time”
Chris Hooper, CEO Accodex

“An organisation has multiple business models, often in direct opposition to each other … Innovation is the search for potential and turning that into value for the user and the organisation”
Assoc Prof in Innovation and Enterprise, Margaret Ledwith, Flinders University

Event photos
FGLF 2010 Jo Close from the Medical Device Research Institute, with 2018 GLFers Bec Adams, Tammy Williams and Rob Absalom
Event photos
Robotics explored.
Leaders Institute SA
Last chance for Leading Edge Program – starts July 5 
The Leading Edge Program makes a real difference to our next generation of leaders … “The tools and strategies I have been exposed to have helped me to improve and a leader and allowed me to tackle complex organisational issues more effectively and efficiently. If you face complex workplace issues in your drive to be a great leader, I highly recommend participation in this program.” Simon Rowberry, Chief Executive Officer, Barkuma. Click here to book now.

GLF Information Sessions

A successful GLF 2019 Information Session was held at sponsor Return to Work SA this month. Thanks to the alumni who gave heartfelt, honest answers to the audience about the impact on themselves and their leadership abilities from undertaking the program. Panelists were Dr Ross McLennan, Graeme Brown, Sue Mitchell, Karen Hughes and Lesley Marchioro.

Three more 2019 GLF Information sessions will be held. Come along and help us share the benefits of the program. Dates are: July 24, 6pm to 7.30pm, August 15, 12.00 to 1.30pm and August 27, 6pm to 7.30pm. Applications close on October 2. Book into a session now and share with a friend/colleague.
Event photos
L to R: Jas Rieck, FGLF 2017 Ross McLennan and FGLF 2015 Karen Hughes
Event photos
L to R: Potential 2019 participant with FGLF 2017 Lesley Marchioro
Event photos
L to R:  FGLF 2017 Sue Mitchell with Engagement Manager FGLF 2013 Susan Jackson-Wood
Event photos
Guests at the GLF Information session
Alumni in action – Mary-Anne Healy

FGLF 2008 Mary-Anne Healy admits to the GLF being a challenging year “…taking in so much information and hearing about wicked problems and complex issues from across South Australia. Gradually I became more comfortable sitting with complexity and ambiguity, as well as using different methodologies to deeply explore our own challenges, using the collective wisdom of others. I built significant networks and friendships out of my GLF year (and subsequent involvement with the program) that I have relied upon, worked and collaborated with, and that remain important to me today.”

Mary-Anne grew up on an Adelaide plains farm with crops, pigs and sheep and has lived most of her life in SA other than time in the US as an exchange student, a year in Western Qld and two years in the middle of the Pacific in the tiny nation of Kiribati. She is now the Alinytjara Wilurara (Pitjantjatjara for North West) Regional Director for the Department for Environment and Water - a region of mostly Aboriginal lands from Ceduna to the WA border and north to the NT border (about 1/4 SA). She works with the all Aboriginal Board representing people across the region, planning and setting priorities for natural resources management activities.

Mary-Anne believes the most important skill a leader should have is vulnerability by which she means that she doesn’t “know or have all the answers. And I make mistakes. And I seek out those with more experience and knowledge than me to help find solutions or create opportunities. Being vulnerable also means you listen and respect others.” Mary-Anne attends Leaders Institute Think Tanks and assists with interviewing GLF candidates.

Pictured below: Mary-Anne with AW NRM Board members Debbie Hansen from Tjuntjuntjara and Mima Smart from Yalata Community.
Leaders Institute of SA
Leaders Institute SA
Leadership Thinking
Escaping the echo chamber
In many organisations the closer you get to the top the less people tell you what you need to hear and the more they tell you what they think you want to hear.
As Theory U author Otto Scharmer says “It’s akin to what the Facebook algorithms are doing to us on a systemic level — filtering out the very oxygen we need in order to innovate. What is that oxygen? It’s disconfirming data from different points of view. No innovation or true insights can happen without it. This self-limiting barrier of an institution shields leaders from outside ideas and expertise that could reshape the future of the organization. It prevents opportunities to deepen the conversation and doesn’t allow any space for new ways to tackle problems."  Read more

Policy failure

Seeing other’s perspectives is critical to being a good leader and as such is something that underpins all our development programs. Recent research has shown how policy makers can easily fall into the trap of group think with bad policy as the result. “… Group reinforcement and the illusion of similarity strengthen a policy maker’s sense that their proposal and perspectives are right. If someone disagrees, this must be because they are incompetent, biased or malicious … even strong opposing arguments can be dismissed as a result, to the detriment of the ensuing policy." Read more

Upcoming events
12 – 15 July
Adelaide Festival of Ideas

With around 130 speakers and 80 individual events to encourage the exchange of ideas and public intellectual discourse. Click here for the program.
Leaders Institute of SA
Monday 13 August 2018
5 – 8pm
Inspiring South Australian Women Impacting the World.

The Australia Day Council of South Australia and the Office for Women is showcasing eight inspiring women who will reflect on their personal backgrounds and influences, the driving forces behind their work, and how they believe they are making an impact in the world. Click here for tickets.
Leaders Institute of SA
6 December 2018 – Leaders Institute End of Year Celebration

Our end-of-year celebration and thankyou to our supporters will be on December 6, from 5pm at our offices at UniSA.

Let us know if you have recently been in the media or taken on a new leadership position so we can include your news in our next edition.
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