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Peer Mentoring Program delivers results
Our peer mentoring program, providing participants with confidential support and alternative perspectives and actions to address workplace challenges has been proven to deliver results. As Neil Chappell Managing Director of Superior Stainless Australia, attests.
“The program is one that I would recommend to anyone in a leadership position in South Australia. You learn a lot about yourself, you question the way you react in certain circumstances and it opens your mind to alternative thinking that could be applied.” Neil Chappell, Managing Director, Superior Stainless Australia. Book now for our next program starting July 5.
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2019 GLF
Dates are out and applications are open for next year’s GLF. Information sessions featuring alumni members are being held between June and August. Click here to book.
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GLF Alumni news
FGLF2017 Simon Rowberry has been appointed as the CEO of Barkuma which provides services to over 800 people making it one of the largest disability organisations in SA. Simon was a recipient of the REDARC Electronics scholarship for a leader in the disability sector.
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FGLF2016 Valli Morphett is about to take up the role of CEO of the CoDesign Studio which is a globally recognised placemaking consultancy that helps decision makers shape thriving neighbourhoods with real community benefit. CoDesign Studio provides the link between councils, property developers, service providers and local residents, using community engagement and place activation to create places people love and feel connected to.
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FGLF2005 Shaun Kennedy General Manager People and Strategy ASC was quoted in The Advertiser’s SA Weekend magazine about the need to have women in the defence sector.
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FGLF 2016 Raj Pandey was awarded Citizen of the Year Award for Unley City earlier this year for his outstanding contribution towards his local community. He is the City East Area Manager for St John Ambulance (a volunteer role), a Multicultural Communities Council of SA (MCCSA) Board member, President of the Vishva Hindu Parishad (SA Chapter), an Australian Army Reservist and an Ambassador for Volunteering.
Raj achieved all of this within six years of arriving in Australia from India. And this is on top of his day job as a Senior Manager, Compliance and Contract Management in the Department for Education and Child Development. Raj’s advise to other migrants is “Don’t wait till you are fully settled before you start contributing to society … the skills you gain from volunteering will help you in your employment and the satisfaction you gain from volunteering will help you settle better in the new country.”

Let us know if you have recently been in the media or taken on a new leadership position so we can include your news in our next edition.
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Leadership Thinking
If you aspire to be a great leader, be present
Research has shown that a more mindful presence is the optimal strategy to engage your staff, create better connections and improve performance.

“In a survey of 2,000 employees, Bain & Company found that among 33 leadership traits — including creating compelling objectives, expressing ideas clearly, and being receptive to input — the ability to be mindfully present (also called centeredness) is the most essential of all.” Research also suggests that there’s a direct correlation between leaders’ mindfulness and the well-being and performance of their people. In other words, the more a leader is present with their people, the better they will perform. Click here to read the article.
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Want to lead change? Pitch your message carefully
If you’re leading change, our bible “The Practice of Adaptive Leadership” states that it is critical to “Think hard about the framing” when you are leading change and to “connect your language to the group’s espoused values and purpose".

A recent article in The Conversation by PhD literature student Jamie Freestone points out that people respond to stories that speak to their values. The article uses the example of climate change and says that if you want to change the views of climate sceptics you need to deliver facts in a way that speaks their language – spin is not a bad thing. “It’s a well-studied fact that facts don’t speak for themselves … The effects of climate change are potentially catastrophic …  Environmentalists, policy wonks and Brian Cox continue to preach to the choir. Yet more facts, lucidly explained, will actually make people double down on their pre-existing positions.” Click here to read more.
Leadership Events

Leadership under duress

A powerful set of leadership principles developed at a time of high stress and high stakes by business leader, leadership mentor and Australian Army Soldier Alex Heidenreich was provided to GLF alumni and guests thanks to the Defence Reserves Support.

Hosted at the Historical Army Museum at the Keswick Barracks the discussion referenced Alex’s experience as a commander in the firing line in Afghanistan and Timor-Leste, experiences which can be translated into any leadership context. Some of Alex’s reflections on how to build high performance teams included the following:
Genuinely care about your team – this is measured by how much you care about your least significant team member. A well lead team will carry you beyond your potential.
Don’t drink your own bathwater – leadership is not about the leader, a lack of humility undermines trust and authenticity.
Listen more than you speak – emotional intelligence, empathy and perspective underpin wisdom.
Familiarity does NOT breed contempt – be authentic, connect with others and let them see the weaknesses in you.                                                                                         
Know yourself – reflect, find your strengths and weaknesses, be genuine, weakness is valuable because it is believable.
Event photos
L to R: Cathie Brown, Alex Heidenreich, Theodora Karidis, Andrew Cannon
Event photos
L to R: Lisa Adams, Alex Heidenreich, Weibke Billows
Event photos
L to R: Michelle Donnelly and Alex Forman
Event photos
L to R: Raj Pandy and Brendan Rogers
Leaders Institute AGM
The Leaders Institute’s AGM was held recently where Chair Alexandrea Cannon reported on the activities of the Institute in 2017 and Treasurer Gino DeGennaro reported on the financial position of the association and its plans for 2018. It was announced that the two successful alumni nominees for the Board were Michelle Peterson and Sally Heidenreich.

Jeremy Schultz, Managing Partner at Finlaysons Lawyers, which hosted the event, also spoke of how proud he was that Finlaysons was once again sponsoring the Leaders Institute. “The Leaders Institute has so many important qualities to offer, including its ever growing flagship program and graduates of that program, its inextricable link to the best interest of our State and its ability to attract the next generation of leaders in this State.”

In other Board news, the alumni members joining the Leaders Institute’s Audit and Risk Committee are Sue Mitchell FGLF 2017 and Alicia Genet FGLF 2016.

Thanks to everyone who expressed interest in getting involved in the Board and the Committee. We really rely on and value the efforts of our volunteers.
AGM photos
L to R: Sally Heidenreich, Sue Mitchell, Michelle Peterson
AGM photos
L to R: Nick Begakis, Jeremy Schultz, Cathie Brown, Gino DeGennaro
AGM phtos
L to R: Naomi Szetu, Carol Maher
AGM photos
L to R: Pamela Lee, Gordan Lesicar
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Upcoming events
Governor’s Think Tank: Banking corporate culture:
what can we learn and what can the little guys do?

Join us for a World Cafe exploration of the current banking crisis from the perspective of understanding the lessons for our own organisations and exploring the connection between broader societal culture and the ways in banks have fallen prey to poor corporate behaviour.

What’s our part of the mess as customers and members of society? And how can we, as the little guys outside the system, help support the internal cultural transformations that we are being told are required?

Josie McLean, one of our lead GLF facilitators and founder of The Partnership, will facilitate this session. Josie is an expert in systemic thinking and organisational cultural evolution. The Think Tank will be held on Tuesday, June 5, from 6 – 7.30pm at UniSA’s City West campus. Book your seat at the table here.

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Family Business Australia lunch – June 14

Family Business Australia is offering Leaders Institute Alumni a discount rate to its upcoming lunch on How to get the most out of a family business board with keynote speaker Anne Skipper.

The June 14 lunch is designed to assist those who have a family-based board in place, may be thinking about establishing an independent board that includes external members as well as family, or might still be in the fact-finding phase.

An experienced Board Director, Anne will share her views on how to enhance the dynamics, strategic thinking and decision making of a family business board, how to find, select and appoint skilled board members and how to be a valuable contributor particularly if you are in the minority on a family board. Alumni can attend at members rates. Use the code SAJUNELUNCH18 when you book.
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Save the date: End of Year Celebration

Our end-of-year celebration and thankyou to our supporters will be on December 6, from 5pm at our offices at UniSA. We look forward to seeing you there.
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