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The leadership mind switch
The globalized world we live in where radical technologies reign supreme requires a new type of leader according to the authors of The Leadership Mind Switch.

One recommendation is that leaders need to be able to bring levity into the workplace rather than being the frosty, aloof leader of the past. Interestingly too, they claim that to be a good leader it helps to have been a good follower.
“Learning from others, making others successful and iterating on those wins is the way to be a successful manager and then a successful leader,” says co-author Kylie Wright-Ford.
Are you modelling resilient leadership and are your employees bouncing back?
Other Australia research recently published called ‘Managing for Resilience: A Practical Guide to Individual Wellbeing and Organizational Performance’ edited by Dr Monique Crane stresses the need to model resilient leadership.

Whilst resilience could be seen to be an individual employees responsibility, leaders are now encouraged to recognize that they do have an influence over the resilience of the workforce. Its a problem that is estimated to cost Australia nearly $11 billion p.a.

Leaders need to model good resilience and sustainable practices and ensure that the way work is designed and the level of autonomy of employees contributes to a “resilience system”.

To listen to a podcast about both of these new publications click here.
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Leadership shown by REDARC Electronics
GLF alumni Anthony Kittel who is the successful owner of SA-based manufacturer REDARC Electronics is contributing to growing the leadership skills in the disability arena.

Anthony, who over 20 years has grown REDARC to a state of the art advanced manufacturing facility that now employs 170 people, has provided the Dr Paul Collier scholarship.
Over the past four years, the scholarship has supported participation in the GLF for a leader with a disability or a leader in an organisation that provides support for those with a disability.

“By investing in our people and creating a highly skilled workforce we become innovators and leaders,” said Mr Kittel.

This year’s recipients were Downs Syndrome CEO Maureen Lawlor and Manager, Employer Supports Barkuma Simon Rowberry, pictured here with Anthony, Susan Jackson-Wood from the Leaders Institute and REDARC marketing coordinator Hugh Bila.
Our upcoming masterclasses focus on key skills required to lead in this complex environment including how to have difficult conversations, how to develop the skills to network confidently and successful and how to engage and persuade others:
Managing challenging personalities at workOctober 17
Learn to understand difficult personality traits and behaviours and individual emotional reactions to challenging behaviours. Content includes discussion of best-practice performance management principles and includes coaching skills, self-audit and identification for areas of development and goal setting.
Networking for IntrovertsOctober 25
Build your confidence fitness and enjoy speaking at meetings, going to networking events and meeting new people. This Masterclass teaches you how to develop presence and feel comfortable in networking situations.
Leading presentations – engaging through corporate story telling November 14
Engaging people is critical to being able to be an effective leader. Leaders need to be able to connect people with their vision, they need to be able to make people care. Stories help you achieve this. This Masterclass focuses on three levels of presenting and how to increase your credibility when you present.
To let us know what Masterclasses you’d like to see, contact us at the Leaders Institute.
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GLF 2018

We are currently interviewing for the 2018 cohort but we are likely to have a couple of places available, particularly for people from certain backgrounds – please encourage your friends or colleagues who are interested to contact us directly to discuss this further on:
(08) 8302 0048 or admin@leadersinstitute.com.au
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Benefits of the GLF
Taken from a recent reflection by current GLF participant Jayne-Anne Power, Brand Marketing Manager, Rossi Boots:
One of the best things (and sometimes one of the hardest things) about GLF has been learning to become comfortable amongst the wildly diverse views within the group. It’s pretty normal to spend most of your time with people who think the same as you, or have most of your Facebook feed pretty much reflect what you think, it puts you in a bubble. So sometimes it’s really taken me by surprise to hear multiple really different views from multiple people about the same topic, which therefore introduces me to new thought in quite a deep way. It’s a great benefit to become exposed to the paradigms of others and understand so much more when I leave the course than when I came and I’m grateful for it.
Dennis Mutton

Dennis Mutton Medal

Nominations are sought for the Dennis Mutton medals, to be awarded at this year’s GLF graduation on November 21, 2017. The Dennis Mutton Medal is awarded to a Governor's Leadership Foundation Fellow (FGLF) who has made a substantial voluntary contribution to the community. There is also a Dennis Mutton Group Medal which is awarded to a team of GLF Fellows. Applications close on October 20, 2017. Please feel free to nominate your fellow GLFrs.
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Hold the date

End-of-Year get together - November 29, 2017 - We will be holding a combined end of year and meet our new CEO function in the early evening. There will also be a short special general meeting to make some small changes to our constitution. We look forward to seeing you there.
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