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Community leadership across the State

There were hugs, laughs and tears at the end of the first Limestone Coast Leadership Program. Sixteen leaders spent six months together learning more about themselves, their community and how to be a better leader. They also progressed four complex issues facing the region through their Community Action Projects. It was abundantly clear from the graduation that there had been many a ha moments and major changes in outlook with many taking action which will positively impact the region. The Leaders Institute delivered this program for the Limestone Coast Local Government Association which is to be commended for investing in its people.
Leaders Institute of SA

You know a theory has really hit home when it is brought to life – this model of polarity theory was created by Abigail Goodman from recycled materials, bringing together her Community Action Project on waste management in the Limestone Coast and polarity theory!

Leaders Institute of SA
We will also be creating more holistic and adaptive leaders through the delivery of the Upper Spencer Gulf Leadership Program. Thanks to a number of philanthropists, ReturntoWorkSA and Statewide Super, who have provided funds for scholarships, we have attracted people from different sectors all across the region, who want to learn some tools and techniques of leadership so that they are better able to work through challenges in positive and effective ways.

The program will also include a small Community Action Project so it will have immediate impact on the region. The Upper Spencer Gulf was chosen as the location for the program following a visit by the GLF in 2018. It was clear to us that the region was resilient but needed support to develop its next community leaders. Thanks to UniSA for its ongoing support and hosting us in Whyalla.

Leaders Institute of SA
The Leaders Institute has also been delivering Regional Youth Leadership Forums for the Local Government Association in four locations across the State. The Forums, for people aged up to 26, have built on the Regional Youth Traineeship Program and were designed and delivered by Mia Handshin.
Getting personal pays off for teams
Leaders Institute of SA
It’s official, getting personal rather than doing team building exercises is more effective to building a strong team. At the Leaders Institute we do a lot of team building with a wide variety of clients and also we build relationships between participants in our programs. No climbing rope is involved - 'just' creating a safe environment for people to appreciate the difference and perspectives of others. It's magic to see it work. If you would like us to work with your team drop us a line.
Upcoming Programs
Leaders Institute of SA
Masterclass: Conquering Imposter Syndrome with Dr John Wood
If Mike Cannon-Brookes, the co-CEO of a firm that has 68,000 customers including eBay, Twitter, Coca-Cola, Visa, BMW and NASA whose also been named “Australian Entrepreneur Of The Year” and “Australian Business Person of the Year” suffers from imposter syndrome then it’s pretty widespread.

Our interactive half-day workshop is designed to help participants conquer Imposter Syndrome through helping them to understand why it occurs, what the signs are and question whether it matters. Above all the workshop will give participants practical strategies so that Imposter Syndrome doesn’t inhibit their success. Book Now

Leaders Institute of SA
Governance Masterclass with Alexandrea Cannon
Our one-day Governance Masterclass demystifies the roles and responsibilities of boards and gives participants the confidence to contribute effectively and make the right decisions. A great masterclass for those on boards, those wanting to get ‘board ready’ and those reporting to a board. Delivered by experienced Board Chair and Board Director Alexandrea Cannon this masterclass has received exceptional feedback from attendees. Book Now
Leaders Institute of SA
Governor’s Leadership Foundation 2020
Information sessions have been planned and applications are now open for our life-changing Governor’s Leadership Foundation 2020. Apply Now
Upcoming Events
Leaders Institute of SA
Distilled – GLF alumni pub talks
2018 GLFers Paola Niscioli and Jane MacFarlane have organised Distilled a GLF alumni pub talk, providing an opportunity to listen to a leader and socialise in a casual environment.

To be held on Thursday, September 26 at 5 pm at the Kings Head Hotel, the first Distilled will feature Malcolm Jackman speaking on “50 years on the front line … a pragmatic perspective on leadership”. After a working career including the last 25 years in CEO roles, Malcolm now concentrates his endeavours on non-executive roles as Chairman, Director and Mentor. He spent the first 15 years of his working life at sea as an officer in the New Zealand Navy. His executive roles included CEO of Elders, Coates Hire, Manpower Services and the SA Fire & Emergency Services Commission. He has degrees in Pure Mathematics and Accounting and is a recipient of the Centenary of Federation Medal. Drinks will be available from the bar and people are welcome to stay on for dinner. Please RSVP here

Leadership Thinking
Leaders Institute of SA
Krystina Dryza
We had an inspiring GLF session last month with Kristina Dryza focusing on architypes, patterns and future. Judging by the closing comments, everyone was positively impacted with GLFers taking immediate steps to think and act differently. There were many quotes from the day but favorites included: "Climb your own mountain, you've just got to work out which one is yours" "Be clear about the narrative you are telling yourself about yourself" "Don't keep thinking thoughts you are not going to put into motion" "Don't try to catch every wave" "So many people are living in the external approval of others" "Don't push against the river" "We can't have infinite growth on a finite planet"
Leaders Institute of SA
Building bridges to resolve big issues
How to build bridges on big issues and have better discussions about contentious issues is explained really well in this article.
Leaders Institute of SA
GLF Alumni news
Wiebke Billows FGLF 2018 is now the Manager Research IP & Resources for SA Water.
Leaders Institute of SA
SACA’s Luke van Kempen FGLF 2018 has taken on another sport, this time as CEO of the Sporting Shooters.
Leaders Institute of SA
Katherine Faull FGLF 2018 is leaving Torrens University to take up the role of Principal Research Consultant and Scientific Affairs Executive with medical device company, Rapid Response Revival.
Leaders Institute of SA
Astrid Kuivasaari FGLF 2018 is now the General Manager Operations at LHI Retirement Services.

If you want to know what other alumni are up to, check out the back of our latest Yearbook.

Let us know if you have recently been in the media, taken on a new leadership position or having impact in the community so we can include your news in our next edition.
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Quote of the month
"The future is not some place we are going, but one we are creating. The paths are not to be found, but made. And the activity of making them changes both the maker and the destination.” John Schaar"

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