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Another 42 join the GLF 'cult'

The Governor’s Leadership Foundation was described as a ‘cult’ at the recent 2019 graduation ceremony – albeit a fabulous one.

FGLF 2019 alumni Greg Knagge entertained the audience with the following speech: 

Rumours had been circulating around Adelaide, that the Governor’s Leadership Foundation Program is something of a cult. A cult, Your Excellency, that bears your name. As a passionate, loyal South Australian and avid fan of yours, Sir, I took it upon myself to debunk this myth. To do so, I had to infiltrate the inner sanctum of the Leaders Institute. So, for nine months I have been operating, deep undercover, as a participant in the GLF. Now, at the end of my time as a covert operative, I can unequivocally, without a shadow of a doubt, set the record straight - yes, the GLF is a cult.

It began with a clandestine ceremony that brought 42 innocent strangers together and over the course of a single weekend broke us down, exposing our vulnerabilities and moulding us into a group of oversharing, story-obsessed huggers. Month after month we were exposed to mind-bending, intensive training and reprogramming. We read, we workshopped, we reflected. And reflected. And reflected. We were taken from one location to another, across the State. Meeting with experts and leaders from all walks of life. This is a cult that has penetrated deep into every aspect of our society. The faithful can be found entrenched in industry, institutions, government, and the community.

It’s little wonder that now, at the end of our GLF experience, we find ourselves transformed. We have acquired a new power, the power of sight. We can see, really see. Not just with our eyes but with our hearts and minds. That’s what GLF does to you – it brings clarity … Yes, the GLF is a cult. And I for one, would love to see the influence of this cult spread far and wide across the world.

In another wonderful moment, the 2019 cohort decided to continue the remarkable tradition started in 2018 by raising over $6000 to contribute to a scholarship for a deserving person to undertake the 2020 GLF. Philanthropists Mike and Mary Heard have kindly agreed to top the amount up to a full scholarship as they did for the 2019 GLF scholarship.

The night also included the awarding of the Dennis Mutton Award – for leadership beyond self – to 2012 alumni Brad Chilcott for his work in changing attitudes towards refugees and migrants, and building communities where everyone is welcome to belong, contribute and thrive.

Event photos
L to R: Greg Knagge and Cathy Clark
Event photos
L to R: Jen Frith, Alexandrea Cannon and Cathie Brown with cheque
Event photos
L to R: Doug Hicks, Mary Heard, Mike Heard, Ma-Musu Nyande, His Excellency the Governor, Rebecca Adams 
Event photos
L to R: Dennis Mutton and Brad Chilcott
Event photos
L to R: Cameron Maher, Lisa Smith, John Cranwell, Neil Chappell, Cathy Clark and Owen Sharpe
Event photos
L to R: Aaron Mossop, Peta-Marie Matschoss, Neil Mossop, Paul Abbot, Paige Taylor, Jeanne Wood and David Wood.

Below: 2019 Upper Spencer Gulf Graduation ceremony
Leaders Institute of SA
Leadership in the Upper Spencer Gulf

The Leaders Institute has just finished delivering the inaugural Upper Spencer Gulf Leadership Program. A total of 15 participants graduated on the final day and recounted their personal leadership growth and learnings from undertaking a small action project about complex community issues.

Thanks to a number of philanthropists, ReturntoWorkSA and Statewide Super, who provided funds for scholarships, we attracted people from different sectors and backgrounds all across the region. We plan to run a similar program in the Northern suburbs of Adelaide next year. Let us know if you have staff in this area and would like more details.
Upcoming Events
December 10: Susan Jackson-Wood’s farewell
Leaders Institute SA
Please join us at an informal farewell to thank Susan Jackson-Wood for her rich contribution to the Leaders Institute at the Kings Head Hotel, 357 King William St, Adelaide (City South tram stop). Drop in from 4pm.

Hold the date, February 26, 2020: Our 21st birthday
Leaders Institute SA
Coinciding with the official opening of the 2020 Governor’s Leadership Foundation program we will be having a combined 21st birthday party for the Governor’s Leadership Foundation with all alumni welcome. The venue will be the Adelaide Festival Centre. More details to follow. 

Winston’s Churchill Trust – Fellowships on offer
Leaders Institute SA
If you would like to travel overseas to investigate inspiring and innovative practices that will help Australian communities, then consider applying for the Churchill Fellowship. For more information about the application process and timings click here.
Value testing in 2050
Leaders Institute SA
MOD’s (The Museum of Discovery) new exhibition gives people a chance to consider what their values are and how we will negotiate a shared future in 2050.

The Seven Siblings from the Future focuses on a family of different characters each personifying a different archetype, a different set of values and skills, and quite distinct ideas about how best to secure their mutual future.

MOD Director, Kristin Alford FGLF 2011 says the exhibition affords people the opportunity to understand the different priorities held in the broader community and recognise the need to negotiate a shared future making complex decisions - and how hard this is.

“On one level (watching the seven siblings) is a chance for us to observe that dynamic – especially when they’re at the dinner party – but when you’re going around with a group of friends, you’re having those discussions and unpicking your own value set and challenging yourself to ask, ‘what do I believe, why do I believe it and why do I find this so hard?’,” Alford says. “It’s in those conversations that I think the second thing emerges which is, ‘oh, these things are not easy’, and it’s actually through these conversations and dialogue that we might come up with solutions.

The exhibition includes interactive touch screens where you can rank where your values are relative to others. FGLF 2019 Cameron Maher was surprised to see fellow FGLF 2019 and SALA CEO Kate Moskwa’s face pop up on the screen as the person whose values most aligned with his! The exhibition is on until May 2020.
Leadership Thinking
Leaders Institute of SA
Knowing your conflict style
Understanding your own default styles, and the style of those you care about, can help you have better arguments and connect with others. Clinical psychologist Clare Rosoman explains more on the ABC website.
Leaders Institute of SA
Managing an oppositional employee
Differences of opinion in a staff team should be welcome, but when a person is consistently oppositional an innovative approach is needed. This Harvard Business Review article provides some perspectives. Click here for the full story.

Leaders Institute of SA
Boyer Lectures - Rachel Perkins
Hear from multi award-winning filmmaker and Arrernte/Kalkadoon woman, Rachel Perkins debating and discussing the Indigenous constitutional recognition as the First Australians of this nation. To view the whole video, click here

Leaders Institute of SA
How to change a mind
The challenge of changing a mind is a difficult process. Australian author Eleanor Gordon-Smith discusses how individuals can approach this, click here to listen.

Summer reading (and games!)
Leaders Institute of SA
Looking for a good read and a bit of a deep think this summer? Well we’ve found some books and also some games!

We were so pleased to come across a little shop in Topham Mall called Bluey Boronia Presents Perch selling The School of Life materials including games such as “Who should I be With”, “100 Questions”, “Career Therapy”, “Know Yourself Prompt Cards” and an Emotional First Aid Kit. Great thought provoking Christmas presents too.
Leaders Institute of SA
Humble Leadership: E and P Schein
Recommended by Dave Sainsbury FGLF 2009 and current facilitator, this book presents a creative perspective on leadership that encourages vulnerability and empathy as a form of strength.
Leaders Institute of SA
The Moment of Lift: Melinda Gates
This book tells the stories of the inspiring people Melinda Gates has met through her work, digs into the data, and powerfully illustrates issues that need our attention. Melinda is an impatient optimist pressing the urgency to tackle these problems and the unwavering belief that solving them is possible
Leaders Institute of SA
A man without a country: K Vonnegut
Recommended by Wayne Lewis FGLF 2012, this is an interesting and entertaining discussion about why we exist.
Leaders Institute of SA
Talking to Strangers: M Gladwell
This book explores how we make sense of the unfamiliar, why we are so bad at judging someone and why we so often fail to ‘get’ other people.
Leaders Institute of SA
Too Much Lip: M Lucashenko
Winner of the 2019 Miles Franklin Award this novel is a gritty and entertaining story about a woman rediscovering her roots and what’s important on Bundjalung country.
Leaders Institute of SA
Pachinko: Min Jin Lee
A captivating historical novel about the Korean immigrant experience in wartime Japan. The novel explores four generations' search for identity and success and is a powerful story about resilience and compassion.
Leaders Institute of SA
The Wife Drought: Annabel Crabb
According to Crabb, working women are in an advanced, sustained, and chronically under-reported state of wife drought, and there is no sign of rain. The Wife Drought is about women, men, family and work told via candid and funny stories. “Crabb's call is for a ceasefire in the gender wars. Rather than a shout of rage, The Wife Drought is the thoughtful, engaging catalyst for a conversation that's long overdue.”
Leaders Institute of SA
Educated: T Westover
This is a story of the struggle for self-invention. It is a tale of fierce family loyalty, and of the grief that comes with the severing of the closest ties. This book gets to the heart of what an education is and what it offers: the perspective to see one's life through new eyes, and the will to change it.
Leaders Institute of SA
Becoming: Michelle Obama
This memoir tells of the experiences that shaped Michelle Obama including her wins and disappointments with honesty and wit.

Leaders Institute SA
GLF Alumni news
Congratulations to Jen Frith FGLF 2019 who has been added to the Women’s Honour Roll by the SA Government. Jen is the co-founder of Chalk and Pelican Productions. Jen's inclusive arts practice builds community and ensures that every young person is celebrated for who they are. 


Debbie Sterrey FGLF 2018 has a new role as Chief Executive Officer at Tennis SA.
Leaders Institute SA

Josie Kitch FGLF 2014 is now Director – South Australia at The Benevolent Society.
Leaders Institute SA

Natalie Wade FGLF 2018 has two new roles; an expert advisor on the Disability Royal Commission and a Director of Inhousing. She was also nominated for The Advertiser’s 2019 Woman of the Year award.
Leaders Institute SA

Rajabrata Banerjee FGLF 2018 has been promoted to an Associate Professor at UniSA. “I truly believe that the GLF program has played an important role in this promotion. The success in my leadership roles were influenced by the tools and techniques I learnt at the GLF program last year".

Leaders Institute SA

Ross McLennan FGLF 2017 is relocating to Queensland to lead the Office for Research at Griffith University, after five years at the University of South Australia.


If you want to know what other alumni are up to, check out the back of our latest Yearbook. Alumni can also join our Alumni Facebook page.

Let us know if you have recently been in the media, taken on a new leadership position or having impact in the community so we can include your news in our next edition.

Quote of the month
Thinking about pleasure is central to achieving a good working life. This idea sounds odd … however, your ability to do your job properly as an adult is going to depend on you getting a good sense of what actually brings you joy and then finding a job that matches."
– The School of Life 

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