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Harnessing transformative moments

We have been heartened to hear that some good is coming from this tragic pandemic. Many of our alumni and clients have recounted the enormous changes that have happened in their work places and the realisation that ‘snapping back’ would be a failure to make the most of the opportunity for transformational change. From simple things like ‘by bringing people together via Zoom we get far more people attending’ to ‘the knowledge that work can be done successfully remotely should be a boon to our region’ to ‘we’ve brought in changes in the last six weeks that have been resisted for the past six years’.

To that end, we are working with several clients on how to impact cultures and systems long term to maintain the positive changes. We are also running an Alumni Think Tank called “Snap Back or a Transformative Moment?” Before we settle back into our relative comfort zones when restrictions end, what do we really want for SA’s future? What can we contribute to a moment of transformation? GLFers are welcome to join us for an online conversation that will ‘harvest’ and report on collective insights. The Think Tank is Friday, May 22, 3pm – 5pm. Register here.

Leaders Institute of SA
AGM via Zoom – May 21

The AGM will include reports from our Chair and Treasurer as well as an update on our approach to delivering holistic leadership development in a time of Covid-19. We’ll also announce the newly elected Board Directors as voted by GLF alumni. If you’re GLF alumni and haven’t yet voted, click here to cast your vote by May 8. See the candidates here.

The meeting is on May 21 from 5.30pm via Zoom. Please RSVP. We need at least 20 members to ‘attend’ for our quorum so if you can’t make it please RSVP and click the box to nominate a proxy.

Click here to access the meeting papers.

Leaders Institute of SA
Vale Jo Shanahan FGLF 2007

We were very saddened by the death of our 2007 GLF graduate Detective Chief Superintendent Joanne Shanahan who died in a horror crash recently.

Colleague and GLF 2017 graduate Cath Hilliard said Jo was a police officer for nearly four decades and leaves an overwhelming footprint on SAPOL having received the Australian Police Medal in 2019 for her outstanding service to the organisation and to the community.

“Jo continued to support the GLF program, inspiring leaders (particularly women) of her style of leadership. She was a valued member of SAPOL and was a pioneer in many aspects in policing, particularly in domestic violence.”

Comments from our Facebook page from her GLF cohort include:

“I remember her as being an amazing woman; kind, resourceful and a great team player” - Elsabet Tamrat

“Jo was an amazing person and will be greatly missed” - Julie Black

“Such a big loss. Jo was a great friend during our GLF year and beyond” - Jeannette Miller

Our thoughts are with her family, colleagues and those who knew Jo through the GLF. SA Police Legacy are facilitating donations for Jo’s family.

Leaders Institute of SA
Record why you love our programs

We are looking for some volunteers to star in a recording where we will ask you some simple questions about your experience of a program and all you will need to do is give us a one-word answer. Don’t worry we won’t ask you to sing or dance! We will call you on Zoom or alternatively you can record your answers to our questions on your phone. Email Sarah Ballantine if you would like to be involved.

One minute survey

We are also keen for your feedback on how you’d like to contribute to The Leaders Institute’s mission perhaps by mentoring GLF or emerging leaders, contributing to a community project like building a house for Habitat for Humanity or taking part in our media showcase of alumni contributions to SA. Please let us know by taking this one minute survey.

Leadership Thinking
Leaders Institute of SA
Bold leadership in a time of Covid-19
Extreme transparency and trust exemplify the leaders who have stood out from the pack during Covid-19. This ABC Radio National discussion provides some learnings on how they communicate authentically and with emotional intelligence.

How leaders can take care of themselves in a crisis

When leaders are focused on the emotional needs of others and keeping organisational wheels turning they need to ‘put on their own oxygen masks first’.

Some of our GLF cohorts have set up WhatsApp chatrooms, others are taking their normal monthly pub catch-up online.  Outside of the GLF we hear stories of Zooming with family, playing cards using the Trickster app and Zoom and having online book club meetings. Here are a few tips on how to look after your own survival by maintaining perspective from the Center for Creative Leadership:
  • Think “today.” Take the crisis one day at a time.
  • Talk to people you trust about how you are feeling and avoid negative people.
  • Spend more time with your pets.
  • Keep a journal; write down what you are thinking, your impressions, and your reactions.
  • Practice relaxation techniques such as meditation and deep breathing.
  • Exercise, even if it’s just walking.
  • Take five-minute private breaks and get more sleep, including naps.
  • Concentrate on only major issues. Skip secondary tasks.
  • In your mind, take a three minute trip to the beach, the hills, wherever you like to get away.
  • Concentrate on the greater vision you have of yourself, both personally and professionally. Think about where you will be and what you will be doing a year from now.
  • Stop and realize that you are alive and that much good will come out of the crisis
Read more here.

Leaders Institute of SA
This working life
A recent ‘This working Life’ episode on ABC’s Radio National focused on how to listen deeply which Executive coach Oscar Trimboli says “involves not just listening to the content but also the meaning, context and most importantly, the unsaid”. There’s also a free listening quiz.

To help us transition to working from home, the episode also features an interview with organisational psychologist Amantha Imber on tips on how to structure your day to get work done.

Leaders Institute of SA
Leadership lessons for men
Should women emulate men to climb to the top or are there things many male leaders should learn from women? This short read examines the gender differences in leadership effectiveness and provides some advice for men including “Don’t lean in when you’ve got nothing to lean in about” and “Don’t say you’re ‘humbled’. Be humble.” Read more of this thought provoking Harvard Business Review Article.
Leaders Institute of SA
Recovering from a derailed career
Most of us have had minor setbacks at work. But how do you recover from a setback so big that it causes you to lose your job or completely derails your career? If you or someone you know has lost their job as a result of this pandemic, this article from Harvard Business Review may give you another perspective. “The power of traumatic, intense, and unplanned crucibles in a career can transform you as a leader”. Read more here.

Leaders Institute of SA
Coaching your team through uncertain times
How do you help your people get through these difficult times? This article by Dan Cable, author of Alive at Work: The Neuroscience of Helping Your People Love What They Do and behavioural scientist Francesca Gino provides a few key ideas:
  • Think about how you can serve the people you lead
  • Help employees discover their own personal purpose
  • Encourage employees to reflect on opportunities to recraft their jobs
Read more.

Leaders Institute SA
GLF Alumni news
Matthew Wright-Simon FGLF 2004, ‘a real life philanthropreneur’ was featured in a recent article in InDaily.

Leaders Institute SA 

Mark Chilvers, FGLF 2019, ED SA Dental Services, has been appointed to the Central Adelaide Health Network Covid-19 Command team. Mark is leading the work to establish processes and systems to capture all expenses related to COVID-19.

Quote of the month
"Adapt yourself to the environment in which your lot has been cast, and show true love to the fellow mortals with whom destiny has surrounded you." 

– Marcus Aurelius

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