Authentically Powerful Public Speaking

Authentically Powerful Public Speaking


While many people think that being a successful speaker is about projecting a confident presence and putting on a perfect performance, increasingly, whether it be in the boardroom, staff room, corporate conference or social function, speakers who are able to “connect” in a real, human way are warmly welcomed by audiences who are “sick of slick”.

This highly experiential workshop is designed to assist the most reluctant public speaker and experienced presenter alike to develop greater authenticity, ease, natural confidence, and dynamism.


During the workshop, participants will be invited to “step outside their communication comfort zone” to practice simple tools which will extend their natural capabilities as a communicator. Exercises will support participants to move through underlying anxiety about public speaking, hone their ability to establish and maintain rapport with any audience as well as learn practical techniques for crafting effective speeches.

This single day workshop is for speakers of all experience levels. Throughout the day, you will be encouraged to find your own natural style as a speaker, to become more present with yourself, more available to connect with your audience, and ultimately more effective in conveying your message, every time you step in front of an audience.

Program Outcomes

The learning objectives of this program are for participants to:

  • Discover your authentic voice and confirm personal presentation style and strengths
  • Learn practical tools and techniques for dealing with nervous energy
  • Learn simple tools and techniques for establishing and maintaining authentic rapport with any audience
  • Develop greater confidence and ease speaking publicly without reliance on a script
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the key elements of truly powerful speeches and learn simple tips on how to construct them

Interested in Authentically Powerful Public Speaking ?

If you are interested in this Program and require more information, please contact us. This program is currently not being offered publicly, but can be delivered in-house on request.

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