An Introduction to Adaptive Leadership

Introduction to Adaptive Leadership


This program, delivered by an internationally renowned expert in Adaptive Leadership, is innovative, transformational and applicable to a diverse range of organisations, sectors and environments. It is designed to help individuals and organisations understand how to distinguish adaptive problems from technical ones and to develop the leadership capacity to begin to tackle them. Adaptive problems are tangled, complex, and involve multiple systems and threats in which the solution to one may exacerbate another. Solving them requires new learning, creativity, innovation and new patterns of behaviour.


Adaptive leadership capacity requires connecting to our purpose (clarifying the values that orient our lives and work); getting comfortable with ambiguity and chaos and being prepared to experiment and take risks, to speak up on issues and to make mistakes; engaging our hearts as well as our minds; releasing our dependence on authority; engaging voices of dissent; learning how to orchestrate conflict; understanding ourselves as a system – our loyalties, our strengths, our weaknesses, our triggers, the stories we tell ourselves; and developing our capacity to inspire others.

This program will challenge your thinking about leadership. When you participate, you will step beyond traditional leadership development. We will unbundle what leadership is to find clarity and effectiveness in our application of this complex and often misunderstood concept. We will challenge the traditional view of leadership and develop a new frame that is more real, honest and useful. We will equip you with the tools for analysing challenges in a more systemic manner, exploring who the different stakeholders are and enable you to effectively navigate adaptive change for a sustained result.

Program Outcomes

You will start working on adaptive challenges in your own system and learn how to apply practical tools to those challenges. The learning objectives of this program are for you to:

  • Develop a deep understanding of the adaptive leadership model.
  • Gain an understanding of analysis and diagnostic tools.
  • Understand how systems respond to adaptive changes.
  • Reflect on your own adaptive challenges, consult to one another and learn from the interaction with other group members.
  • Practise adaptive leadership tools from the perspective of your personal leadership approach and context.
  • Learn to think and act in complex systems.

Interested in An Introduction to Adaptive Leadership?

If you are interested in this Program and require more information, please contact us. This program is currently not being offered publicly, but can be delivered in-house on request.