Transforming Leadership Agility

Transforming Leadership Agility


Personality and management style explain only a limited portion of what sets a leader apart. What differentiates an effective adaptive or transformational leader is how they ‘make meaning’. How they make meaning influences how they think, behave and adapt to each changing leadership situation they face.

Adults move through predictable stages of development which allow for greater wisdom and capacity in how they make meaning. Through each of the seven commonly identified stages of adult development, human potential unfolds to reveal greater understanding, wisdom and effectiveness in the workplace or communities in which they lead.


Gain an understanding into this leadership transformation framework to inform your personal development, understand and coach others and improve your ability to intervene and participate as a leader in this ever-changing environment. This program will focus on the transformation conditions and experience, through three of the most commonly experienced stages of development - from Expert to Achiever, Individualist and Strategist.

The delivery of this module over half a day will be through a mixture of presentations about relevant theory, tools and techniques, as well as facilitated and experiential learning exercises designed specifically to provide hands-on insights on transforming leadership that are relevant to the participant. There will also be a relevant article for pre-reading.

Participants who have not already undertaken the Leadership & Management Framework (LMF) profile will have the opportunity to do so ahead of the workshop, to find out what the participant's level of development is.

Program Outcomes

A balance of information, self-discovery and practice will enable participants to:

  • Gain an understanding of the various levels of development, also described as 'leadership agility'
  • Understand how current and past levels of development shape leadership behaviour and outcomes.
  • Establish goals and practices that are relevant to their current and/or desired level of development.

Interested in Transforming Leadership Agility?

If you are interested in this Program and require more information, please contact us. This program is currently not being offered publicly, but can be delivered in-house on request.

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