Community Boards Program - BoardMatch

Community Boards Program

Community Boards Program - BoardMatch

The Community Boards Program was founded by Governor's Leadership Foundation (GLF) Fellow Jennifer Duncan FGLF08 working in partnership with Andy Hagan, who was employed with the Community Business Bureau (now CBB, the not4profit people). Both recognised the meaningful social impact that could be achieved through the diverse skills and experience of the GLF Alumni.

The Community Boards Program has successfully matched many GLF graduates with positions on not-for-profit boards in the last years. The collaboration with CBB the not4profit people has resulted in a further developed service which is called BoardMatch. This service finds, matches and presents potential candidates or positions to you at no cost.

The Leaders Institute of South Australia collaborates closely with CBB to help our GLF Alumni in finding a board position, or in promoting any board positions they have available in the organisations they are involved in. BoardMatch has expanded from being a GLF Alumni only service, to a service that is available to all not for profit organisations and individuals across Australia. 

How does it work?

If you are an organisation seeking a Board member, please fill in CBB’s BoardMatch - For organisations seeking Board members survey. CBB will then search their database of potential Board members and identify suitable candidates for you. 

If you are an individual seeking a Board position please fill in CBB’s BoardMatch - For individuals seeking Board positions survey. CBB will then search their database of organisations seeking Board members and identify any suitable positions for you. 

The Leaders Institute of South Australia promotes available board positions through the monthly newsletter. If you would like to submit a board position, please follow the BoardMatch - For organisations seeking Board members link, and your available position will be promoted in the first available Leaders Institute newsletter (with a reach of approx. 2,500 people).

Further information

Please visit BoardMatch website.

Social impact

Not For Profit (NFP) organisations exist to solve many of our more complex and challenging community issues. The social impact of the Governor’s Leadership Foundation program is shown through the statements below from the perspective of a NFP and from a GLF graduate placed on the board:

“SHine SA has been fortunate in recruiting three new members for SHine SA Council from the Governor’s Leadership Foundation in the last few years. While they have come from diverse professional backgrounds, they have brought with them the leadership skills and knowledge to make a significant contribution to the work of the organisation.”

Kaisu Värttö, Chief Executive Officer, Sexual Health information networking & education SA Inc (SHine SA)

“I have been fortunate to contribute to three different boards as a result of the Community Board Project over the last three year’s. Volunteering is a rewarding experience and participation on a NFP board allows you to contribute in a positive way to improved community outcomes. Being involved in an organisation that is completely different from my employment provides exposure to issues and challenges that would not normally be encountered and provides an opportunity for continual personal growth. I have found the experience to be extremely positive and would encourage others to put their current skills to good use through this type of opportunity.”

Chris Horsell FGLF08, Business Advisor Technology Solutions, City of Playford

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