Leading Australian Resilient Communities (LARC) Program

Your region's future in your hands

LARC is coming to the Yorke/Mid-North

Regional Australian communities are no strangers to the complex work of transition and innovation when disruption and new opportunities are presented. We've all taken a masterclass in disruption and adaption thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. True resilience though is not merely about ‘coping’ or ‘surviving’, but about change, readiness and opportunity.

The Australia Rural Leadership Foundation (ARLF) and the Regional Australia Institute (RAI) have been awarded funding through the Building Resilient Regional Leaders Initiative (Pilot) grant. From this funding, the consortia in partnership with state-based leadership organisations such as the Leaders Institute of South Australia, will deliver a place-based leadership development program for ten locations across Australia.

This program, known as the Leading Australian Resilient Communities (LARC) program will be delivered in the Yorke/Mid-North region of South Australia and is about supporting Australia’s regional communities to meet challenges and collectively drive the positive changes they want to see.

LARC program details

The LARC program will develop skills, knowledge and provide space for 26 diverse participants to consider possible futures for their communities and the leadership required of them. Over three-months, participants will gather together to expand their understanding of regional development, the role of place-based leadership, and develop skills in strategic foresight, adaptive leadership and resilience.

Content will be delivered by the Leaders Institute of South Australia's professional facilitators with plenty of opportunity to engage with local and national experts giving participants access to:

  • A series of relevant and engaging webinars
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Support to design and deliver a community initiative, and
  • Four in-person residential workshops.

Leadership development tailored for regional Australia

Despite South Australia weathering the public health risk of Covid-19 relatively well, the economic and social impacts of the pandemic continue to be felt, particularly in our regions. Disruptions, whether pandemic or climate-related, challenge our resilience but also provide opportunity. The LARC program has been developed to build the capacity for resilient and adaptive leaders and has been uniquely tailored to regions across Australia.

The Yorke/Mid-North region has been significantly impacted by Covid-19, in addition to significant impact from drought and climate change. Ongoing drought in parts of the region has caused many farmers financial stress and social dislocation. There are no other like comprehensive leadership programs in the region which aim to develop a core cohort of leaders from across the region to help them to understand themselves better, to adapt their thinking to the dynamic unfolding of complex problems and to learn to mobilise others in the pursuit of community good.

This is a place-based program specifically for the residents of the Yorke/Mid-North region of South Australia so you must be a resident and over 18 years old. We want to see the diversity of the region represented in the cohort. So whether you are currently in leadership positions or aspire to be, we encourage you to apply!

No, there is no fee to participate. This program has been funded by the Australian Government through the Building Resilient Regional Leaders Initiative (Pilot) Grant. Successful applicants must be available to attend all program days (5 in-person days total) and be prepared to travel to and from each immersive, commit to activities between sessions including the delivery of a group community action initiative for the benefit of the region.
The leadership program will start with an online welcome session on 8 February 2023. The sessions will then be:
  • Session 1: 27-28 February 2023 (Burra)
  • Session 2: 16 March 2023 (Balaklava)
  • Session 3: 29 May 2023 (Port Pirie)
  • Graduation / Presentations and Session 4: 28 (evening) June and 29 June 2023 (Kadina)

During the program participants will also receive coaching.

Please see the When will the program start? section above for locations.
Applications for the program have now closed. If you would like further information about this regional opportunity or how we can develop your leaders in your area contact Program Manager, Sarah Ballantine on 8302 0858.
More information about the other Australian regions participating in the program can be found at the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation's website.

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