Tailored Leadership Solutions

Bespoke and in-house leadership programs for your organisation

Leadership Consulting: programs created for you

The Leaders Institute of South Australia is experienced in creating new leadership development programs that are tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

After discussing your requirements, we can create programs that include elements of leadership development such as:

  • team-building
  • leading change
  • authentic leadership
  • developing positive cultures
  • managing difficult personalities
  • strategic visioning and planning
  • acting ethically.
Governor's Leadership Foundation Program Video
Stuart Mossman
SATAC approached the Leaders Institute of South Australia to support the design and delivery of a bespoke Leadership Program for current and emerging leaders within the organisation. Being a new initiative, the Leaders Institute worked closely with us to understand our objectives and ensure the program was designed to deliver against these. The session facilitators were extremely knowledgeable and highly regarded by program participants. We look forward to continuing our relationship with the Leaders Institute in the future.
–Stuart Mossman, Chief Executive, SATAC

Our leadership consulting clients

We have worked with the following companies to create tailored leadership development programs to develop impactful leaders within their organisations.

SA Police
Government of SA
Wine Australia
Football SA
Local Government Association
Limestone Coast Local Gov Association
Uni of Adelaide

In-house programs

As well as creating leadership programs, we offer a range of existing leadership development courses as in-house programs. We work with you to tailor the course to your organisation’s needs and deliver it at a time and place to suit you, helping to achieve the best possible outcomes for your team and organisation.

Offering a leadership development program in-house can offer the following benefits:

Areas of interest

Focus on the specific areas of interest and learning needs within your team.

Team challenges

Improve teamwork by providing challenges for your team to work on collaboratively.

Improve teamwork

Increase understanding of each team member’s strengths, weaknesses and needs, improving team morale and bonding.

Collective learning

Debrief as a team and apply learnings collectively following the program.


Run the program at a time that suits your organisation’s calendar and reduce travel time and inconvenience for participants.

Cost effective

Got a large team to upskill? In-house programs can be a cost effective solution to your training needs.

Our in-house programs

We also offer five off-the-shelf leadership development programs that can be tailored and delivered in-house for your organisation:

Becoming an Adaptive Leader

Understand workplace challenges and adapt your approach to lead and manage successfully

2-day workshop

Delivered by an internationally renowned expert, Becoming an Adaptive Leader is an innovative and transformational 2-day workshop designed to help individuals and organisations develop and use adaptive leadership techniques. Developing these skills enables participants to think more strategically and to successfully tackle complex problems within their work environment.

From Technical Expert to Great Team Leader

Cultivate and lead a high-performing team

2-day workshop

This workshop helps you to step out of your role as a subject area expert so you can begin to recognise and cultivate the key elements of a strong and effective team. The program includes an introduction to team dynamics and personalities and how to get the best out of team members, helping them to gel together so they are committed to delivering your organisation’s mission.

Resilience, Positivity and Leadership

Develop new skills to lead positively in a demandingwork environment

1-day workshop

This interactive leadership workshop integrates facets of positive psychology, including resilience and mindfulness. Using these approaches, participants learn new skills that help them to develop self-esteem, positive responses and optimism. This helps leaders to function better and thrive in demanding work environments.

Governance Masterclass

Make a meaningful contribution to a board

1-day workshop

The Governance Masterclass helps to maximise the effectiveness of board directors and the executives who report to them. Facilitated by a highly-experienced company director, the workshop explores issues such as basic legal requirements of a director, interactions between the board and management, board roles, decision-making, getting the board papers right,and group dynamics. 

Read more about the Governance Masterclass.

Successful Workplace Mentoring

Develop your capability to build the skills of others

Half-day workshop

This workshop helps organisations establish internal mentoring programs by giving mentors the tools, techniques and hands-on practice to develop their capabilities so they can confidently build the skills of others. Many leaders wish to give back by helping team members who are less experienced, but they may not know how to successfully do this. In this workshop, potential mentors will learn how to focus on the mentees’ needs and effectively share their relevant experiences and wisdom.

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