Youth Governor's Leadership Foundation

An impactful leadership program to help teens become self-aware, confident, socially conscious and community-focussed young leaders.
Youth Governor's Leadership Foundation

Are you ready to become the next great leader?

This program helps teenagers develop into confident, resilient and empowered young people who will be socially responsible change agents primed to make a difference in the community. Through fun, challenging and collaborative activities, teenagers will become more self-aware, be inspired to think ‘we’ not ‘I’ and learn how to help others and serve the community through a team-based project. 

An excellent program designed to develop confidence, self-awareness and understanding
about the students as individuals, moving into their impact and responsibility as members of a
wider community.
–Teacher, Adelaide High School,
Youth Governor's Leadership Foundation

Is the Youth GLF right for you?

The Youth Governor's Leadership Foundation program is designed for students aged 15-17 from a diverse mix of backgrounds and schools. Our previous programs with students this age have seen students grow significantly and become more confident, learn new skills, become more reliable and self-directed and aspire to leadership.

Graduates of the Youth GLF are eligible to apply for Stage 1 SACE points under 'Self-Directed Community Learning' valuing leadership development as part of their educational journey.

We are seeking those teens who have the potential to make a difference but may lack the confidence and skills to do so. 

How will students learn?

Designed to be experiential, the five-month program involves an overnight camp, small group work and interactive sessions though face to face workshops and online meetings.

Student will also apply their learnings through a 12-week community action project, working in small diverse teams to progress a challenge for a not-for-profit organisation. Each project team will be supported by a mentor who will be a senior SA leader who is an alumni of our Governor’s Leadership Foundation program.

    How do I register?

    To receive details of upcoming dates, please register your interest in the Youth Governor's Leadership Foundation.

    Youth Governor's Leadership Foundation

    How will students develop?

    Students develop through understanding their own personalities and embracing their uniqueness rather than trying to compete with others or be someone they are not. With this self-acceptance comes the realisation of their own power and the growth of a more confident and well-rounded person, able to see other perspectives.

    The three key elements are:

    Grow yourself

    Learn your strengths, values, goals and how to challenge limiting beliefs to become the best version of yourself.

    Mobilise others

    Learn how to work in teams, communicate effectively, problem solve and see the value in “we” over “me”.

    Community leadership

    Take action to progress challenges facing the community.

    Youth Governor's Leadership Foundation program details


    Participants will learn from experienced facilitators, along with guest speakers and mentors who are experts in their fields.


    Students are expected to attend 6 face-to-face sessions over 5 months.


    The program fee for 2024 is $1900 (plus GST). Payment plans are available.  Thanks to many supporters and philanthropists, scholarships are available for students who are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders, have a school card, are from regional South Australia, have a disability, have a refugee background, are from a culturally and linguistically diverse background or have Pacific Islander heritage.  Indicate your interest in a scholarship on the application form.


    The Youth GLF will hold a 2-day retreat outside of Adelaide, with further sessions being held at:

    Leaders Institute of SA
    Level 1 Yungondi Building
    City West Campus (UniSA)
    70 North Terrace
    Kaurna Yarta
    Adelaide SA 5000


    Our 2024 program is underway. Register your interest for the next Youth GLF Program in 2025.


    To receive details of upcoming dates, please register your interest for Youth Governor's Leadership Foundation.

    How do I register?

    To receive details of upcoming dates, please register your interest in the Youth Governor's Leadership Foundation.