Board of Directors

Margo Hill-Smith Board Member

Margo Hill-Smith

Board Member

Margo was elected by the Governor’s Leadership Alumni as a Director on the Board in May 2024. She is an experienced professional with over four decades of diverse expertise, providing quality leadership across multiple industries.

Serving as Co-Director of Hill Smith Art Advisory, she spearheaded the restructuring of the longstanding contemporary gallery into a unique Art Advisory Service in 2020, maintaining deep relationships within the Adelaide arts community.

Her focus on supporting artists' growth and promoting their profiles locally and nationally, underscores her commitment to the creative community. With a background in curation, artist relations, and operational management at Hill Smith Gallery, as well as roles in policy advocacy and community engagement with organizations like the Winemakers Federation of Australia and the Australian Hotels Association, she brings a wealth of experience.

Her dedication to equality and social welfare, demonstrated through past work with the Equal Opportunity Commission and Family & Community Services, further enhances her capabilities.