Dennis Mutton Awards

2015 Group Award - Seeds of Affinity
2015 Group Award - Seeds of Affinity
Seeds of Affinity project team members

2015 Group Award - Seeds of Affinity

This Community Action Project (CAP), developed during the team’s 2013 GLF year, aimed to help women leaving prison by assisting them to re-engage successfully with their community. Working with the existing Seeds of Affinity Management Group, the CAP team successfully applied for and received a $40,000 Department of Corrections funding grant to focus on capacity building for the organisation. A further grant for $10,000 funded a singing group in the prison to help build relationships between women in prison and Seeds of Affinity.

The CAP team was involved in many other activities to support Seeds of Affinity, including setting up registration with Volunteers SA/NT; designing and producing marketing materials, brochures and t-shirts; helping to develop and extend a social enterprise range of beauty products and gourmet treats; and gained certification for Seeds of Affinity to produce home-made biscuits. This productive team also conducted computer training, cooking and healthy eating classes, a sewing group, and helped several group members to begin study.

Anna Kemp from Seeds of Affinity was also at the presentation and was congratulated on being awarded the 2015 Community Group of the Year Award at the Prime Super Community Achievement Awards.

Team members: Annie Fabig, Caroline Mosha, Chris Spiteri, Connie Kalinski, Dr Moira Jenkins, Noriko Wynn and Peta Smith