Dennis Mutton Awards

2018 Individual Award - Tracey Wallace
2018 Individual Award - Tracey Wallace
Dennis Mutton with 2018 recipient Tracey Wallace

2018 Individual Award - Tracey Wallace

Tracey won The Dennis Mutton Award for her work in continuing a project started during her GLF year. She designed a youth-based volunteer program where students enhance their personal wellbeing, connectedness and life-ready skills by volunteering in the community.

Called uBuntu (oo-BUUN-too), which is an ancient African word meaning 'humanity to others’, the program’s key objective is to increase the number of school students exposed to the benefits of volunteering and help them to generate a passion for volunteering in the longer-term.

Tracey designed the program, piloted it and has now developed a student and teacher toolkit that is freely available on the Department for Education website.

As Tracey says, she believes that student volunteering is a key component for not only individual, but also collective, health and wellbeing.