GLF Alumni exclusive session

John Wood
John Wood

Strategist to Alchemist - a presentation and discussion with John Wood

Most of the contemporary leadership development programs in the world are building much needed capacities to be agile, adaptive, integrative, context aware, systems thinkers, strategic and connected to stakeholders. In terms of adult development these are 4th person perspectives or Strategist ways of being.

Have you ever wondered what is next? Is there a latter stage of development that is accessible and relevant to the future challenges we face? Join us for a presentation and collective inquiry into the Alchemist way of being as a leader:

  • why are stages of development important to leadership performance
  • post Covid new world leadership
  • the transition to Alchemist - what happens to the self and leadership
  • freaky or just different, does the world support and need this style of leadership
  • practical examples
  • what can I do?

The interactive Zoom session will be held on Thursday, September 3, at 3.30pm.