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Erin Faehrmann, Kate Rush, Noel Fraser

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Who's with me?

Making a positive impact on our community

The inspiration for 'Who's with Me?' was recognising the collective power of past GLFers as a valuable potential resource to contribute to making South Australia a better place.  And this annual event is designed to put this theory into action!

Here’s how it works: a GLFer has six minutes to pitch an idea. At the end of the pitch they make an appeal to their fellow Alumni, “Who’s with me?”

If there’s an idea, project or potential initiative pitched that captures your imagination and you’d like to contribute, you can register your interest with the 'pitcher'

Couldn't make the live event on 8 May? That is ok! You can still 'answer the call'!

See the pitch information below and express your interest in a pitch here.

Paul Caskey Shyla Mills, Angelina Russo, Greg Knagge, Melanie Tate, Erin Feahrmann, Peta-Marie Matschoss

Kathryn House, Paul Caskey, Shyla Mills

2024 Pitches

Check out these burning ideas to create a positive impact and help to make it happen!

  • Erin Faehrmann, FGLF 2020  is seeking support for "Activating International Day of Play".  Creating community activation around this year’s first ever International Day of Play recognising play’s role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals including building community and family cohesion.  Find our more about about play for 'former-kids' here.
    Connect with Erin to generate ideas. See her pitch here.
  • Greg Knagge, FGLF 2019  is seeking support for a "Community makeover".  How can we help make not-for-profits stronger? More sustainable? What if there was an event, presented by a really cool brand, like (I don’t know)… the Leaders Institute of South Australia? But how would we design such an event? What would it look like? What would it be called?
    Connect with Greg to generate ideas. See his pitch here.
  • Angelina Russo, FGLF 2019  is seeking support for "Workplace Wellbeing Wardrobe". Is it possible to transform workplace culture by integrating sustainable textile practices, strengthening team dynamics and enhancing professional skills?
    Help Angelina by completing her survey. See her pitch here.
  • Paul Caskey, F2020  is seeking support for "Ambulance Wish SA in our regions". At the end stage of life, it is often the simple things that matter most – a visit home, one last sunset, a cuddle with their pet, professional photos with their loved ones or a recreation of a favourite memory making. Ambulance Wish SA help make this happen in Adelaide – how can we make it happen regional SA?
    Connect with Paul to help with this project. See his pitch here.
  • Melanie Tate, F2021  is seeking support with the "Puddle Jumpers Permanent Campsite".  Invest in the future of kids who really need us by supporting the creation of a permanent campsite for Puddle Jumpers.
    Connect with Melanie about being a part of working group. See her pitch here.

We are grateful to the following sponsors who support GLF Connect events.

Special thanks to William Buck Adelaide for hosting the event.

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