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Sarah Ballantine — Program Manager
Sarah Ballantine Program Manager

Sarah Ballantine

Program Manager

Sarah has worked across the wine, engineering and advertising industries in Adelaide and London. Working with organisations that are leaders in their field, she feels quite at home at the Leaders Institute. With experience in business development, communications and project management she has worked in a number of roles that have required huge feats of collaboration with stakeholders and volunteers on time-critical projects. Not realising it at the time she is a natural at speaking to people's values to motivate them for the collective good of a project. A trained leadership coach, Sarah works on our short leadership programs and tailored/in-house consulting work as well as doing some facilitation. She is naturally curious and infinitely fascinated by humans.

When not at work you'll find her on the netball court, 'herding cats' as her daughter's netball coach or learning some random thing just to see if she can!